If there is one thing I’ve learned, in all my studies, and research, is to show your work. Especially with apps. Sketching, with pen and paper is cheap and useful.  Your small bin should be full on your way to the recycling bin. Make sure you know what each decision brings!

I like to make cards much like a stack of playing cards. And on these cards at the top I label each page with its user flow, from start to finish, with yes or no logic flow. With each page, I ask it a question. “Do you want to allow the use of your camera?” If yes than load camera page, if no, go to dashboard page. Having a retina screen phone IPad and laptop, the brilliance of good design really comes through. I have yet to encounter anything bad so far, and that accounts for the people at Apple making sure that nothing pixelated appears on their beautiful retina screens. It Makes all the difference in the world.


Icons for any app design is challenging, it’s like micro design. The canvas is tiny. But with this experience, designing for a watch comes easier.  It reminds me of when people paint using a magnifying glass.